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In the meanwhile, we run on the latest mediawiki 1.31 and can use as a test environment for global updates. [[User:Todaiin|Todaiin]] <small>([[User_talk:Todaiin|talk]])</small> 02:44, 4 August 2018 (UTC)
*'''For''' The original community have problems. Want to make it official so refugees can use ours. [[User:Todaiin|Todaiin]] <small>([[User_talk:Todaiin|talk]])</small> 02:53, 4 August 2018 (UTC)
*'''For''': As long as there are valid reasons to fork the original Japanese Uncyclopedia.--[[User:The Pioneer|The Pioneer]] <small>([[User_talk:The Pioneer|talk]])</small> 06:12, 4 August 2018 (UTC)
* '''For''': Even if they haven't finished translations, they can be gradually done (or even ''never'' be completely done, as seen in most abandoned projects or in German projects). We don't care whether a minor language in the far east is Japanese or not. Did you know that [[:zh-tw:|Taiwanese]] and [[:zh-hk:|HongKongnese]] are different languages but they share the same wiki? What we do care is that '''the Ainu people live in Hokkaido, Japan'''. Because of it, we can say from a broader view that Ainu is part of the Japanese Languages. Copyrights? They can be protected by parodies and I don't really care too much whether they are legal. That's what we usually do (if you really care about copyrights, I recommend you just join the «''[[wikipedia:ja:|so-called experts]]''»). [[User:Monsieur Verdoux|Monsieur Verdoux]] <small>([[User_talk:Monsieur Verdoux|talk]])</small> 19:52, 4 August 2018 (UTC)
* '''Against''': The original have problems on edit but no problems on read. The fork's main page does not mention "fork". It is aimed to confuse the reader by saying "formal" rather than "fork". and I think that voting by some users who don't contribute in all language versions is majority work. It is prudent to be ignored.--[[User:Dareka|Dareka]] <small>([[User_talk:Dareka|talk]])</small> 23:11, 4 August 2018 (UTC)
** '''Comment''': [[w:Fork|Fork]] is technically a neutral term applies to both Ansaikuropedias. The "official" English Uncyclopedia (en.uncyclopedia.co) is also a fork but it doesn't refer to it, either (nor does the "original" Uncyclopedia on Wikia (uncyclopedia.wikia.com)). This means that there aren't any needs to say for both Ansaikuropedias that it is a forked version. [[User:Ishkr Ismal|Ishkr Ismal]] <small>([[User_talk:Ishkr Ismal|talk]])</small> 03:53, 5 August 2018 (UTC)
* '''Strong For''': I welcome their proposal because unlike en.uncyclopedia.co, they are trying to co-exist with their fork. On the other hand, the Japs from the original are clearly trying to colonize our community. Voting right here is an internal affair, and unlike the autocratic Ansaikuropedia infamous for having strict regulations, we are more democratic to open our rights to everyone - literally "everyone". It is this lack of generosity that the Japs have proven so far, which will only add up to the legitimacy of the fork. [[User:Ishkr Ismal|Ishkr Ismal]] <small>([[User_talk:Ishkr Ismal|talk]])</small> 03:53, 5 August 2018 (UTC)
==Approved (but currently dead)==