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The Board of Trustys is responsible for the daily distribution of bread and water in the fine institution which is Uncyclomedia. In recognition for their key role in the smooth and institutional operation of the facility, they are allocated their own trusty's quarters in a warm and comfortable corner of the cellar.

According to historical records, "Starting on the main floor you had your kitchen and you had two four-man cells, # 5 and # 6, and then you had your...on the front side of the building you had your group workers office, you had a staff dining room, a superintendent's office and a shift supervisor's office. The basement was a laundry, shower, searching room, trusty's quarters, like your furnace room and all that was down there too, plus your segregation area. The top floor would have had # 1 cell, was a four-man cell, # 2 was a four-man cell, # 3 was a eight-man cell and # 4 was a four-man cell, and across the hall you had a dormitory at the west end, supposed to hold up to eight, and then you had a nurse's office in between that and then you had a rec hall."[1]


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